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Thinking of buying a paella pan? We'll help you choose the correct one ;)

If you are thinking of buying a new paella pan, you might have realised there are so many different types it's quite hard to choose which one is best for you...we're here to shed some light and help you, keep reading...

When choosing a paella pan there are two main factors you have to look at: Material & Size


Currently there are two different types: Enameled paellas and polished steel paellas.

Enameled paellas will be your allies when it comes to cooking. Although made out of steel, they come enamelled which means they are coated with a ceramic product which is highly resistant. The benefits of enameled paella pans are:

- Cleaning and maintenance becomes an easy task given they are covered with a non-stick and antioxidant coat.

- Due to its materials, it is possible to put it in the oven or dishwasher without fear.

Polished steel paellas serve exactly the same purpose as enameled paellas, but, given they are made out of polished steel, they require more maintenance care than the previous ones. However, they also have significant advantages:

- They are cheaper: If you are looking for a low price paella pan, these are the ones for you as the enameled type can get a bit pricey.

- They are more resistant: If what concerns you is that the paella suffers damages by blows or falls, with this paella the worries are over.


The size of the paella pan you choose is decisive for the final result when cooking a paella.The thinner the paella is cooked, the better the paella will taste, full stop!

Ideally the amount of rice and other ingredients must be distributed in such a way that in the center of the pan they don't exceed 2 cm in thickness, so at the sides there will be a thickness of two or three grains of rice. We recommend using larger paella pans to which we are generally accustomed, for example: To make a paella for 6-8 people we recommend using a 60 cm diameter paella pan.

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